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BME Services has been serving the medical community since 1951. The agency was originally instituted by the physician members of the Maricopa County Medical Society in response to inadequate alternatives to the hard core collection tactics that prevailed in the poorly regulated collection industry.

Philosophically aligned with medical providers' image of community service, our mission is to maximize recovery of your delinquent dollars without alienating the patient in the process. It could be argued that more provider / patient relationships are damaged or destroyed by dissatisfaction with business practices than dissatisfaction with the delivery of the health care service.

At BME Services, we treat every account with the professionalism and diligence it deserves. Ethical collection procedures effectively recover your money quickly and affordably. We're flexible to enable a seamless manifestation of customer service to your patients.

We offer an array of reporting and payment preferences to our clients, including weekly, semi-monthly and monthly options. You'll find BME Services deftly adjusts to shifting requirements and constraints that define health care business operations today.

Join the many medical business managers who have found BME Services gets to know their customers and their patient accounts, offering unparalleled customer service. 

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