How to Get Started

Getting started with BME is easy. BME requires providers to submit the following account information, either hard copy by fax or mail; or electronically via the BME Web site:

  • Complete demographic information of the debtor.
  • An itemization of charges, payments and adjustments ending with the balance due being assigned.
  • Prior insurance claim history.

Credit Reporting

Clients have the option to report their accounts to all three credit bureaus. If credit reporting is opted, all open balances of $75 and over are listed. Restriction from credit bureau reporting on a per account basis is available to address various account resolutions in progress (i.e. insurance claim pending). The data is listed 90 days after assignment to allow enough time to allow for account resolution. If a patient expresses concern about their credit report, you may decide to say “Please send the balance to BME by (date prior to 90 days from your assignment date), to ensure non-reporting to the bureaus.”

Patient Calls/Communication

If your office receives calls, direct them to call BME at 602-252-3469 or 800-439-8561. Discussing the account with a patient increases the likelihood of miscommunication and results in extra work for office staff.

Bankruptcy Notices

If your office receives a bankruptcy notice, fax, mail or e-mail it to BME so they can cancel the account pending notification of a discharge or dismissal of the case. BME can handle everything, including filing a claim for payment on a client’s behalf.

Payment on Collections Account

If a client receives a payment on an account that went to collections, notify BME by reporting the payment on the Web site, phone or fax the information. Be sure to include any adjustments to be applied such as contracted insurance discounts or agreed settlements.

Correspondence from Patients or Third Parties

It is important for BME to be notified of all correspondence received by your office regarding an account placed in collections. This allows us to be “on the same page” in representing your practice with patients. Documentation can be faxed or mailed.