Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any set up costs involved in establishing a provider account with BME?
A: No, our service agreements are open ended and involve fees based on contingency. You can start assigning accounts with no up front cost and your practice doesn't owe any commissions until payments are reported after your delinquent accounts are entered into our system.

Q: What kind of account information is needed to assign to BME?
A: We request the face sheet information and an itemization of the charges and credits to the account on each patient account assigned.

Q: Will your agency bill health insurance plans for our patients?
A: Yes, our collection revenue routinely involves processing and submitting third party insurance claims. Upon verification of eligibility, BME will submit claims to health plans on behalf of your patients to secure reimbursement.

Q: Does your agency accept small balances?
A: Yes. BME services health care accounts exclusively so small balance co-pays are accepted for assignment, unlike many agencies that service with other types of consumer debt.

Q: What types of account media are accepted at BME?
A: Our data entry system is capable of accepting all modes of account records. Accepted formats include printed ledgers from your billing system, transmissions on our secured web site, FTP retrievals from your billing system and downloads of data from CDroms or diskettes.

Q: Do you report to credit bureaus?
A: Yes, with your agreement, our agency transmits account updates to Experian and TransUnion each month.

Q: How does BME remit payments?
A: Flexible payment schedules are available with BME. Frequency of remittances can be weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. We offer both gross and net remit modes. EFT payments are available to your designated account.