Confidence Through Compliance

Confidence in your agency's representation of your business office starts with full compliance to all federal and state statutes governing both the healthcare industry and third party collections. In more than half a decade of healthcare collections BME has earned an impeccable reputation of strict compliance to those regulations, protecting your legal and financial interests.

  • HIPAA: In April of 2003, the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act went into effect. Medical Society owned BME had the advantage in accessing any adjustments in operations in order to comply fully with the requirements of a Business Associate of Covered Entities under HIPAA.
  • FDCPA: Our agency observes all statutes of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act which governs all third party collections. All collectors are trained in FDCPA statutes and must pass testing on the Act before being assigned to a collection desk.
  • FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT: The Federal Trade Commission enforces the credit laws that protect consumer rights through the FCRA. The FCRA promotes the accuracy and privacy of information in the files of reporting companies. BME client services personnel operate in strict compliance with FCRA, guarding your practice against infringement.
  • MEDICAID / MEDICARE: Complying with federally mandated regulations is a natural corollary for BME in the 50+ years of working exclusively in the healthcare industry. Our client services department keeps abreast of all government program requirements, maximizing your ability to get reimbursed.